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The Elite Mercenaries [EM][edit]

  • The Elite Mercenaries [EM] is an international guild focused on Title Hunting, Achievements, Lore, just as the previous GW1 guild with the addition of Structured PvP and WvW.
  • We are looking for players who can join our guild and have fun while doing the hardest tasks GW2 has to offer.
  • We offer various communication options, beside our forums such as Mumble, TeamSpeak, C3 and Steam but we don't require our members to use them and they won't be excluded from guild events if they chose not to use them. Not even in the hardest areas where some guilds require voice chat.
  • We will have various guild events, ranging from doing in-game content to special days dedicated to a particular zone of GW2 or just parties and games. Don't worry, everything is already planned.
  • [EM] are very interested in what our members think and we believe good communication is the key to success. We have areas on our forums dedicated to guild and website suggestions. You aren't just a number for our roster count. You count!

Who are we?[edit]

I am Markus Clouser, Sir K E V [EM] Guild Leader. We made [EM] to carry on the traditions of the original Mercenaries that lived over 250 years ago, Elite Mercenaries of Abbadon [ema].

[EM] Officers[edit]

  • Isis Gebnut
  • Tezcatlipoca
  • Mighty Princce

About our members[edit]

  • We always recruited (and kept) players that are mature enough for us and know their way around in game.
  • For us it has always been "quality before quantity" and it seems that the other members think the same.
  • We have members online around the clock, one of the good things we get for being an international guild with members from Europe, US, Australia and even Asia.
  • For us an officer is way more than a player who sometimes makes some recruiting.


If you receive an invite from [EM], you aren't considered a member right away. For the first week you're on a trial period. The leaders and officers will be evaluating your progress, activity, communication, and knowledge of the game. At the end of the first week if the leaders and officers approve you, you'll become a member and earn the rank Elite Mercenary.

More about us[edit]


  • Guild Wars 1 Events
    • Wintersday Party 2009
    • We hosted the all the events of a district for Canthan New Year 2010.
    • Took part in MantleCon 1080 AE, Mei Fen won 1st place at the Costume Contest.
    • Took part in Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball 2010, Markus Clouser and Necro Stephanie won the 1st prize at the Couple Dance Contest.
    • Pink Day in LA '10 - 7/10 guilds in our Alliance had pink capes.