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Oh my gosh! Somebody just opened my user page! Quick, seemingly informative text! Assemble!

Contact & Repertoire[edit]

Account name: Manny.9081


  • Alija Acanthus
  • Kwam Sigma
  • Kwam Tremere


Flag of Europe.svg This user plays for the territory of Europe.

Male.png This user is Male.
27AT This user is 27, male and lives in Austria.
PvX This user plays both PvE and PvP.

Greetings, fellow visitor. If you are reading this, I guess you want to know who this guy is. That's okay, I guess. I am sure you have already seen these handy user info boxes to the right? Then I need not explain my A/S/L? Good, good.

Questionnaire time![edit]

(If you can think of any funny, informative or entertaining question, be sure to leave me your idea on my talk page. I'll add it ASAP.)

I was born in a small town in Austria, Central Europe.

As my profession I chose to be an engineer *.
(* an actual engineer, not the character profession)

I have a degree in Computer Science to back up my insane claims.

I follow the career of a Mad Scientist for a living.

When I wake up in the morning, my left foot touches the ground first.

You can reach me through mwarum (at) gmail (dot) com.