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Hi Everyone,

I go by Lunar and this is my page! A little bit about myself; I'm a semi-hardcore GW2 player and avid GW1 enthusiast. I've been playing GW2 for around 3.5 years since August 2013 and have accomplished a ton in that time. These days I'm mostly working on the Hall of Monuments in GW1 where my goal is 50/50 in the Hall of Monuments to unlock the "Champion of the Gods" title in GW2. Other than that I'm also working on the legendary pistol Hope!

The reason I created this page was because I wanted to draft and document how I earn gold in GW2. I tend to favor instanced content in GW2; stuff like T4 Fractals of the Mist or Dungeons. I enjoy raids as well, but they're not particularly profitable, and are thus somewhat irrelevant for the purposes of this document.

T4 Fractals of the Mist[edit]

These are both incredibly popular and earn you about 10-15g on average per day via [Fractal Encryptions][1]. You should always buy the 30 discounted Fractal keys assuming you have enough encryption boxes. They're a little bit of a gamble, and you don't always break even, but they're a solid, satisfying chunk of change. You can also drop T7 ascended materials like Deldrimor Steel Ingots, Elonian Leather Squares, Spirit Wood Planks or Bolts of Damask in addition to straight up dropping ascended armor or weapon chests at T3/T4.

It's true that you need at least a single set of ascended armor/trinkets to get started in T4; and AR isn't cheap, but it's more than worthwhile, and fun to setup a character for Fractals. You earn about 100-200 +1 Agony Infusions every other day via Fractal Encryptions and daily reward boxes which makes for around a 10g +9 agony infusion every other day. It's good money as well as good for gearing up alts to use for some variety in Fractals. Occasionally, Aetherized skins will drop from the encryption boxes; an additional 20-30g at random, albeit much rarer and less frequent.

Dungeons; Abandoned, but not forgotten[edit]

Dungeons are abandoned content, however, they're still quite fun. However, they are a little less intuitive Fractals are. Some of them have archaic design components and they tend to heavily favor power damage and cleave over condition builds. This being said, the "Dungeon Frequenter" and "Chest of Dungoneering" are worth pursuing; every 8 unique paths earns 5g and a selectable dungeon chest with 150 tokens of your choice. Lots of the Pre-68(Globs of Ectoplasm) dungeons have exotics which can be salvaged for chances at [insignias like Magi's, Soldier's or Cavalier][2]. GW2Efficiency has a great guide on this, whereas the level 68+ dungeons like CoF, CoE and Arah sell rares for 30 tokens 100/day/path, so 3 rares per path per day quickly adds up to a solid income.

[Pact Scouting Supplies][3][edit]

These are new and came with the Heart of Thorns expansion. They're a bit of a catch for those of us in the know. The way they work is that you spend around 30k karma for 6 "Scoutting Supplies" items (they stack). 40 earns you a cycle of map rewards. You usually have around 250 + ~ 120 or so for a rotation towards the Frostgorge Sound $$$ train; Charged Cores, Charged Lodestones, Powerful Blood & Giant Eyes. One set of 40 will earn you around 25g of raw materials used in expensive, shiny skins that use Gifts of Light, or Berserker Insignias/Inscriptions. [Week 2, Week 5 and Week 8][4] are all extremely profitable these days and allow someone consistent with acquiring their scouting supplies to cash in on a large profit at their leisure.