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Hall of Monuments
Closer to the Stars (33/50)

Devotion Fellowship Honor Resilience Valor

"In all things, there is a time for work and a time for play, for small pleasures
A time for one to look back upon bright days and delicate treasures Never lost and never weary. "

"The world is comprised of small creatures, small loyalties,
small stories They trust in their heroes, fight by their sides, join in their glories Never forsaken. "

"The deeds of honor rise above the darkness of time, told in story
Written on stone and patterned in the stars, lit by glory Never to be forgotten. "

"Even the greatest castle must rely upon its wall, tough and strong
To prevent disasters, to keep its people safe, armored against wrong Never in danger. "

"A hero's greatest weapons are courage of heart, unchained
Strength of soul, and rightful fury unrestrained, Never to be vanquished. "
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