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Gem Store[edit]

Seasonal Inventory[edit]

  • Duration: ~4 months
  • inventory overlapping
  • season start varies
  • items appearing during sales or earlier
  • monitor changes within winter inventory
  • Three seasons only?






  • external mail service (gmail mailing list)
    • collect mail addresses
  • newsletter as .pdf (ease of usage, better to store/redirect/share), customisation possible (Microsoft Publisher?)
  • contents can be shared, newsletter itself not
    • alphabetically sorted by users, table of contents, abstract
  • frequency:
    • biweekly (depending on usage monthly later on)
  • target audience:
    • regular users
    • Stéphane as ArenaNet representative
  • contents:
    • current large projects: status, milestones, short summary of goals, requests for assistance, introduction of new projects, CtA
    • user birthdays & reminders -> good for the social aspect of the community, user bonding
    • festive/seasonal greetings
    • notes of absence -> for a better organisation
  • function:
    • keeping regulars & patron informed
    • better wiki-internal organisation -> less similar requests for Stéphane to process
    • avoiding and reducing conflicts
    • easing process of introducing new projects/ideas, gathering like-minded users
    • improving internal communication and relations
    • exclusivity
    • contents of newsletter can be shared easier with ArenaNet -> keeping them informed about wiki-related projects
    • PR for both wiki and the game; PR healthy for the game, boosting wiki-internal moral (praise & acknowledgement results in increased productivity), might inspire regular players to partake, good wiki = good resource = happy community = revenue/new players, PR by ArenaNet = cares about its community = favourable
    • social ties
  • process:
    • deadline: Friday before the week in which the newsletter is sent out (ideally Sunday/Monday every two weeks)
    • users submit their parts via mail (to the newsletter account) -> not obligatory; no news, no need
    • volunteers collect submissions, summarise them, create newsletter

Help & Rules[edit]

This discord channel is specifically for the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, It is NOT the general Guild Wars 2 discord.
The Guild Wars 2 Wiki discord channel provides the means necessary to allow real-time conversations for users of the Guild Wars 2 wiki. It is to be viewed as an extension of the wiki, and as such the same rules and code of conduct apply.
However, the discord channels are not meant as a replacement for talk pages. Discussions should still happen on the wiki. Whenever they do not, please be aware that wiki-related messages sent in discord may be paraphrased or copied over to the wiki with usernames removed to facilitate larger discussions and to document wiki-relevant conversations.

Please read each of these rules thoroughly.
They are for everybody's benefit, and help foster a healthy community.

1. No spamming, begging, advertising, or NSFW/discriminatory/controversial content. Do NOT be a jerk or generally obnoxious - nobody likes trolls.

2. Being on this server is a privilege that can be lost, not a right to which you are entitled. Remember this in all your interactions with other people. Be courteous and treat others with respect. If you would not say something on the wiki, you probably should not say it on the discord either.

3. Try to match your discord nickname with your wiki name so we know who we are talking to. Discord nicknames can be changed with the command /nick yourNicknameHere. Nicknames are only server based, so no other discord server will be affected by this change.

Channel Information
Please use the appropriate channel to find what you want:
[1] #random - anything that does not relate to the wiki, such as general gameplay questions and pictures of baby animals, can be brought up here. Keep in mind guild recruitment spam and or link spam can and will be deleted.
[2] #wiki-discussion - general discussions about a variety of things relating to the GW2 wiki.
[3] #wiki-editing-help - editors asking for help with certain edits that they might not be able to do themselves.
[4] #patch-day-chaos - updates and information when large updates occur.
[5] #wiki-bug-support - if you encounter a problem on the wiki. IT IS NOT FOR IN-GAME BUGS - please use for that.
[6] #gw1w - a channel for the original Guild Wars wiki.
[7] #serious-business - more serious topics (i.e. politics) may be discussed here.
[8] #gw1w - discussions relating to the original Guild Wars 1 wiki happen in this channel.
[9] #spoilers - place to discuss the latest turn of events. Spoilers posted elsewhere are likely to be deleted.
[10] #bot-queries - the GW2Bot can be pinged here for various information.