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User Huginn Nordic Raven Banner2.jpg

Hey GW2Wiki, I will be more active here next year, but for now on I will just let you ppl fix the gw2 info (that we got so far :P)

I am more known as Orgeron on the orginal wiki and in GW1. Now, the reason I don't use that name in gw 2 is... emm.. cuz Orgeron is a human :p Huginn = Nordic mythology = Norns. I know that there is People that don't know the name Huginn and Muninn (that'll be my brother) So here is a Mythology lesson :P

I will possible be a ranger (or something similar) as I do not like melees, caster ain't my cup of tea and monk (yes I know it's a caster) was to demanding (you do get into groups most of the time though :p)

More updates to come, but for now, check some pics out ;) User Huginn Nordic Raven.jpg

Please tell me that youre heading to keep this up! Its so excellent and so important. I cant wait to read extra from you. I just feel like you know so significantly and know how to make people listen to what you might have to say. This weblog is just also cool to become missed. Fantastic things, seriously. Please, PLEASE keep it up! =-=