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Evil Squad [GT][edit]

Guild:Evil Squad [GT]
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Years active from GW2 start
Territory Europe
Language Lithuanian
Type PvX
No. of members 500
Guild Hall Windswept Haven
VoIP Discord
Webpage Evil Squad

Stay with us and follow The storyline of Evil Squad in the world of Tyria together!

At the beginning...[edit]

There was an Alliance of United Squads, one of the strongest in Kryta. As many others there were legions from the dark side and the light side. Light side's Holy Squad of the United Squads was led by the legendary Spearmarshal of the Sunspears - Kormir. Due to the War in Kourna Holy Squad was defeated by the forces of god Abaddon and Kormir was taken as a slave. Thus the Evil Squad of the United Squads have been summoned to rescue Kormir. Evil Squad found Kormir held in Pogahn Passage. Rescued Spearmarshal and with her known information about Abaddons plans the Evil Squad managed to reach the Gates of Madness and Abaddon himself. They defeated god Abaddon with the help of Kormir, who got the gift of the Six Gods during the holdup and the world was safe again. After the battle Kormir became the Goddess of Truth and Evil Squad – Heroes of Elona.

After 250 years...[edit]

When Tyria has been drastically overthrown due to the rise of the Elder Dragons the Goddess of Truth once again summoned Evil Squad of the United Squads to reunite all nations of Tyria and stand against the destroyers of Tyria. This time, Evil Squad of the United Squads are led by Leader Segga, who trained his crew for the upcoming battles with the best Masters of Soldiers, Adventurers and Scholars in 8 different professions.

And here the adventure of the Evil Squad in the world of Tyria rejuvenizes…"

... and the Present[edit]

Many members of the Evil Squad went through their personal journies during which they have met the Leaders of separate races, such as Zojja(highly respected asuran elementalist, golemancer), Rytlock Brimstone(one of the most prominent charr of the Black Citadel), Logan Thackeray(human guardian and the commanding officer of the Seraph), Eir Stegalkin(wandering norn ranger, tactician, artist, and visionary) and Caith(a firstborn sylvari of the Cycle of the Night). They call themselves Destiny‘s Edge, the Pact which once fought the Elder Dragons thus they have come to help the Evil Squad. During the journey to the Orr Three Orders have joined us too, a military order dedicated to fighting by force arms – The Vigil, a scholarly order dedicated to protecting knowledge and lore – Durmand Priory and a secretive ancient Elonian order – The Order of Whispers.

With such strength we were able to reach Cursed Shores of the Orr and the first, most fearsome Elder Dragon Zhaitan‘s Lair in the City of Arah which was once called the City of the Gods, the home of the Six Gods, but due to Cataclysm the Gods have left it and Zhaitan made its lair there. We were able to accomplish the impossible – We have slayed the Elder Dragon Zhaitan!!! BUT the work is far from over, We agreed to continue the fight against the remaining Elder Dragons after we take a moment to honor the fallen and celebrate this triumph.

During the celebration we attained and are attaining now some other activities, such as defending the glory of Desolation world in World versus World events that people of Tyria would know about Evil Squad and their achievements. Some of us went to strengthen their duel skills in PvP events. Some of us are helping casual people by exploring Dungeons and clearing it from monsters and so on. We are having a very good time in the world of Tyria and by now we are recognized making proud of ourselves in Evil Squad.

Shinzuii and others from The Unit are making good in World versus World events, Alliance friends cheer us, enemys are dreaming nightmares with our tag GT. Local press writes articles about us, for e.g.: „ Desolation, IRON has been strong as usual and imo the overall server has improved (I remember the GT guild, a brick wall like IRON), not to mention your recruitment processes (something SFR doesn’t/won’t/can’t do)“ by Chiolas.1326. Other one: "Today you’ve had the usual tough, very strong raids (a bit more thieves, but effective ones), the GT guild tag comes to my mind" by known other world‘s reporter.

Flairas, Karvius and their teams in PvP events also rised their image worldwide in Tyria. Our teams once were the subject what one of the famous broadcasters „guildwars2online“ spoke about.

How can we not to mention our Dungeon explorers... They help to people of Tyria and are Always welcomed in every town. They have cleared all explorable dungeons! And now they are helping newcomers of Evil Squad in these dungeons raising a bigger amount of members for the upcoming Dragon battles.

Nowadays News[edit]

After one of the latest World versus World events our comrades from Sweden Team made some statements that The Unit from Evil Squad and their strategically noticable gameplay is improving overall situation of Desolation server in the world of Tyria: "Team Sweden [SWE] wants to thank Desolation for all the good fights weve had with you this matchup. Special note to GT, GoD, GH, Jug and iRON. Weve learned alot from you. Cheers! <3 " by Team Sweden. updated 2012-12-10.

We've got some recent news from Kodash [DE] server's Alliance leader that they haven't got such tough fights in decades before this last weekend when our Subdivision The Unit crushed their defenses in one evening: "Thanks to the Guilds of Desolation for this great fights! Respect to [GT], you guys give us the hardest fights we had over the past weeks!" Reports from [KoA] Rajnesh - Leader of the Kodasch Allianz [KoA]. updated 2012-12-10.

We had a lot of fun during the time in which this page wasn't updated... WvW goes smoothly as it was before nevertheless that The Unit forces in some events were lower, in some at full strength but in General we still frighten our enemies!!! AND furthermore, they still are afraid of attaining the sunlight when Evil Squad's The Unit is in action! Environmet explorers are as far as possible in the world of Tyria, we were everywhere, we have visited every corner. We crushed Dredges and Flame Charrs with the help of Rocks and Bracham, we have closed the portal of Adventure Super Box which wanted to make our world fully crappy ;) and now We're fighting against the Sky Pirates who call themselves the Aetherblades. Of course, I can tell you the future - WE WILL CRUSH THEM TOO!!! But let's do not spoil the fun of it. Stay with our adventures to live them with us together... updated 2013-07-08.

We have made through whole 2013 year, Yay!!! We congratulate all who are with us and who will become one of us in the future. We have completed many events in all categories what A-net have given us and will do it further! updated 2014-01-28.


We are looking for active Lithuanian players, who will fit in with our fun-to-play approach to the game. Those wishing to join us have to contact us in our forum or in game.

Leader of Evil Squad Segga

Contact information in game[edit]

  • Leader
    • Segga - Head of Evil Squad being.
    • Ginklo brolis - Backup Community / Guild Head.
  • Lead Officers
    • Pikcius - Active / Passive (missions, pve, pvp, raid, fractals, discord moderator)
    • Alan - Active (raid, fractals, discord moderator)
    • Tri - Active (WvW commander)
  • Direct officers
    • DarkCool - Active (WvW) temporarily emigrated to another world

  • Officers in reserve
    • Patiokas "Senator" – PvE, Guild missions.
    • Sneikas "Senator" - WvWvW The Unit subdivision.
    • Karo Ragas "Karininkas" - PvE, WvW Substitute.
    • Flairas "Karininkas" – PvP.
    • Karvius "Karininkas" – PvP.
    • Galerian "Senator" – Guild bank, crafting, wiki.
    • Shinzuii "Senator" – WvWvW The Unit subdivision.
    • Djinne "Amatininkas" – Mainly food Crafting.
    • Danas M "Karininkas" - Guild Finance, fee collecting, Bank.
    • Dimpod "Karininkas" - Introduces the Newcomers to Guild's WvW, PvE, PvP activities.

""Amatininkas - Artisan. ""Karininkas - Direct officer.