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13:07, 3 June 2016 (UTC)~ Hello again! :) I had a new computer. I tried GW2 again. :) I dislike the gift that made me lvl 80 in 5 minutes. I want it back as a tool to check what is the character at lvl80! (kind of, when i make a new character, i would like to try all the skills and so.) So I have a lvl 80 Elem', I love the Flash, but dislike the "all elements" style. I opened GW1 to try to get back my guild, impossible, my GW1 guild has been kidnapped! So I can't create the guild on GW2. :( I tried to create with another name (w/o The)... Exists...

~2015/11~ Hello I am GodRage, the Envouteur Mursaat. :) Actually discovering GW2. I really like the quest system of GW2. :) My computer is quite old, so the game doesn't look good for me. hahaha

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(Anet should have put a message in the GW entrance windows, noticing GW2 is free to access. ^^) Also, I have been surprised that on GW2 release, GW1 people wasn't able to try GW2 (kind of 20 hours over 2 weeks).


  • Accounts on French wiki and English wiki are differents ; MisterX of wiki-FR can be different person than the MisterX from wiki-EN. :'(