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Such a long lost page. So lonely. Glastium talk 01:08, 8 April 2013 (UTC)

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Hi everyone. Not much info here actually. :)

Plus side: a.k.a. what most time people want me, cuz I know some kind of Chinese, English, Japanese and French (from native to un peu).

In the past I spend bit of my spare time in introducing Guild Wars 2 into P.R.C. and R.O.C., which specifically includes:

- Translate the latest Arena blogs, interviews and updates about GW2

- Update Chinese version of GW2WIKI (unofficial ofc) : GW2CN

- Aid as a translator in MMOGCN, a Chinese forum focusing on NA online games

Feel free to leave me any message if having anything you want to talk about, whether it's game-related or not.