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I like:

  • Necromancers
  • Guardians
  • Hammers
  • The combat system in general
  • The Sylvari, everything about their design is fantastic
  • The Charr, not a huge fan but they're still very well done
  • The flow of the quests/events
  • The openly gay couples in the Sylvari storylines
  • -Video games have built up a reputation for having homophobic communities, so Anet taking this step forward pleases Gerroh.
  • The huge-ass battles that just spawn out of nowhere, like a dog tornado at a park
  • The jumping puzzles, if only because I'm vastly better at them than my friends
  • Unbelievably cute Shadow Friend
  • Asura live in a crashed Borg cube

I don't like:

  • Asura
  • -Even though I already don't like Asura, I especially don't like that they've been "disneyfied"
  • --Even though I especially don't like that they've been "disneyfied", I very strongly moreso than "especially" don't like that Anet seems to have gone out of their way to give Asura the most repulsive, irritating personalities imaginable. At least they were tolerable in Guild Wars 1.
  • Long-ass travel time to get to the action in WvW, though I understand why it's there
  • Dye being character-based, when Anet specifically said it'd be account-based
  • Purchasable boosts
  • -I know +10% damage, or +10% resistance or whatever isn't going to give people huge advantages in PvE, and I know a lot of people don't take PvE seriously to begin with, but it's really just about the principle. Offering any sort of actual stat boost in exchange for money is low and lousy, if you ask me. They're getting millions from sales of the game, they'll probably get millions from additional character slots and other stuff we could buy in Guild Wars 1, why do they need to add on this crap?
  • Most of the people who play this game, though this probably just comes from the fact that I don't like people in general
  • Nolan North's voice
  • -He's a good voice actor, but his voice belongs in action/adventure. It has no business being in a fantasy setting and that alone completely ruins the possibility of a (male) human character for me.
  • Death Shroud's visual effects; they're lame

I would like:

  • To see the Awakened added as a playable race later on
  • Joko