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Hi there!

Hello! I'm Gaile Gray, Communications Manager for ArenaNet, and this is my page. Thanks for stopping by.

I started with ArenaNet in the year 2000. I am employee No. 2 of the company now, after Mike O'Brien, our president. I am still proud that when creating a new gaming company, the three founders of ArenaNet thought of community early. They reached out to me to ask me to join the company a few years before we had even announced a title!

It's been great working at ArenaNet, and having the honor of being involved in the release of Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, Guild Wars 2, and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns has been a major highlight of my professional life. Oh heck, it's been a major highlight of my life/life, too!  :D I look forward to the conclusion of our third (and in my opinion, best) season of Living World and can't wait to get into Season 4, and to see the launch of our second expansion pack.

What I Do

My day involves all sorts of projects. First focus is the official forums. I read through a lot of threads and try to respond to at least a handful each day. I escalate key issues, concerns, and suggestions to the dev team and of course dev team members read and interact on the forums, too. I also engage on other forums from time to time. In addition to the front-side of the forums, I also coordinate forum moderation, review appeals, and create policies designed to help keep our forums a good and welcoming place for our dedicated players. When it's needed, I compose public-facing messaging for our players about urgent situations that may arise, and about general topics of interest. I manage our Fansite and Guild Relations, lead In-Game events (such as kicking off in-game festivals with a dev gathering), and write the occasional blog post, such as the official post about Guild Wars' 10th Anniversary and the happy news about the restoration of Lion's Arch.

I compile a weekly internal newsletter for the company that spotlights the activities of the Communications Team, including PR, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and more. Every month, I have the pleasure of hosting a show called Community Showcase Live which features a selection of fan-created art, including drawings, sculptures, plushies, oil paintings, cinematics, crafts, GIFs, videos, and much more. Given the amazing creativity of our community, this show is a real pleasure to present and I love the chance to include a different developer each month. We sometimes broadcast live, sometimes record the show so I can visit with viewers as it plays, the "live" part then being "live conversation."  :)

My favorite activity of all is participating in live events, such as trade shows and community gatherings. On behalf of ArenaNet, I've participated in a lot of trade shows, including multiple years at E3 and PAX West (formerly PAX/PAX Prime), plus many other shows, including PAX East, Paris Game Show, EGX Rezzed, gamescom, and a number of others. It's a pleasure to represent ArenaNet at the shows, and meeting our players is invigorating, fun, and downright inspirational! Their energy and love of our games keeps me going even on the busiest of days.

I play the game a lot. Usually 3-4 hours every night plus more on the weekends. I love the in-game festivals and spend even more time when they're going on, with Halloween being my favorite, yet Wintersday a close second. I am so happy that we continue to host festivals because we all -- players and developers -- love such fun events!


You can leave me a message any time on my talk page, drop me an email through the GWW email system, or join the Official Guild Wars 2 Forums and post there. I'd love to hear from you any time!