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Real Name[edit]

Eugene (You guessed it)


Third year undergraduate at Southern Polytechnic State University majoring in Information Technology and minoring in Business Management. I started playing Guild Wars in 2008. It was the first MMO I could afford AND run on my slightly-outdated laptop. I have enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing the game. I have yet to complete any of the original campaigns, but that gives me a reason to keep playing them. I mostly do PvE as I do enjoy a good story and good company along the way. Although, I am looking forward to the new world PvP. Sometimes, during my free time, I work on acquiring the title of Legendary Defender of Ascalon with one of my characters. Sadly, with the advent of Guild Wars 2 in sight I find myself playing the original game less and less.

The Future[edit]

I am looking forward to GW2 being a game changer and hopefully I will still be able to run it :), or (even better) maybe I will get a new computer!