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Group Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
basket Feast basket tier 2.png Feast basket tier 3.png Feast basket tier 4.png Feast basket tier 5.png Feast basket tier 6.png
dessert Feast dessert tier 2.png Feast dessert tier 3.png Feast dessert tier 4.png Feast dessert tier 5.png Feast dessert tier 6.png
pot Feast pot tier 2.png Feast pot tier 3.png Feast pot tier 4.png Feast pot tier 5.png Feast pot tier 6.png
poultry Feast poultry tier 2.png Feast poultry tier 3.png Feast poultry tier 4.png Feast poultry tier 5.png Feast poultry tier 6.png
steak Feast steak tier 2.png Feast steak tier 3.png no icon Feast steak tier 5.png Feast steak tier 6.png
veggie Feast veggie tier 2.png Feast veggie tier 3.png Feast veggie tier 4.png Feast veggie tier 5.png Feast veggie tier 6.png



Remaining red links are not "fully" discovered - the recipe sheet item is in the API, but the recipe and the output item are missing. I should be able to gather all required data from the crafting interface on those recipes.

Suspected undiscovered[edit]

These food items fit the apparent criteria for having a feast:

recipe_type in ('Dessert', 'Meal', 'Snack', 'Soup') and unlock_method = 'Discovery' and discipline_rating >= 75

BUT they don't show up in the MF, even though they don't have the 'NoMysticForge' flag set. ¯\(°_o)/¯