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Darth Cupcake

PvE This user plays PvE only.
United States
Sea of Sorrows (US)
The Black Hand Gang

Ranger tango icon 20px.png Tharna Flintclaw

  • Race: Charr
  • Current level: 11 (hey, it's like 40 in Cat Years!)
  • Pet: Hyena, "Giggles"
  • Motto: "It's not a loss until the short Ranger is killed....o, wait...."

Guild: The Black Hand Gang [BHG][edit]

  • Type: PvE, Social, Occasional PvP
  • Territory: Americas, Europe, and Oceania
  • Members: 30+
  • VOIP: Teamspeak3

History of the Black Hand Gang
The Black Hand Gang was established in Guild Wars 1 in May of 2005 by a group of four coworkers (plus one spouse).
Despite the BHG’s eminently violent tendencies (not!), it was not named for an organized crime mob. The original guild leader, Gerwon Nermong, asked his potential members—who had not yet purchased Guild Wars—for suggestions for clan names. The name which stuck, The Black Hand Gang, derives from the children’s mystery series by Hans Jurgen Press, which member Sofi Anguissola remembered loving to read as a child.
The guild grew slowly at first. There were definitely growing pains, and different opinions on the direction of the guild. Eventually, there came a new member here, another one there, and members invited their friends, spouses, and siblings to join as well. The guild now encompasses members from all over the U.S. and Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The guild also has a presumably unusually large contingent of female players.[1]
The Black Hand Gang, in concert with sister and allied guilds, continues to recruit players who strive for the same goal as in the original game of Guild Wars: cooperation, experimentation, friendship, respect, support, and above all, fun.

You may contact one of our officers for recruitment.
Contact information:
Leaders: Danira Taggen, Tharna Flintclaw
  • Perpetual Salvation
  • Calisto Dragonblade
  • Xavier Blackthorn
  • Puff Zilla
  • Rekk Boombash
  • Salix Aiodda
  • Kane Mak Talin
  • Gypsycat
  • Cornithos Hawthorne
  • Marhlohn Kinavenger