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Kylara Nightsong is just like Kylara Nightsong, of course, a Necromancer.

Cleopatra Aegyptus is a close approximation of the so-far absent Paragons, a Guardian.

Dances In Dungeons broke with tradition to become a Mesmer, but will continue to dance in dungeons.

Belisarius Deka, lamenting the disappearance of Dervishes, is an Engineer.

Kylarina successfully made the long trek from Candara or Astrub to become an Elementalist now that a Guild Wars game allows one-word character names.

User Cynique MGGB Portrait.jpg

Manga Girl Gone Bad, in order to properly retain her green colour scheme, became a sylvari Warrior.

Visiteur Du Futur changes completely, from Mesmer to Thief.

Juiz La Cachée makes her first appearance, filling out the list of classes with a Ranger.

Akarius Fitzbardolf travels from mediaeval England to Tyria to become a Ranger. If this game offered custom vanity titles, Akarius would pick Lord of Ravensworth.



They say that Guardians take the role previously occupied by Paragons, but let's take a closer look at what they can do.

  • There's a little bit of Warrior in some of the weapon skills.
  • The one-hand sword set includes an Assassin-like shadow step.
  • Some of the melee attack modes include multi-target attacks, like Dervishes.
  • The Virtues enable an effect like the Paragon's Anthem of Flame, and a bit of party-wide healing, like a Monk might be able to do.
  • The spirit weapons are vaguely like a limited-time Asura summon or GW1 Necromancer minion, except you don't need a corpse to create one.