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Crazy Old Man

My daughter introduced me to the original Guild Wars - Prophecies.  I went on to get all the Guild Wars expansions and then got the Collector's Edition of Guild Wars 2 during pre-release. I also have the Thorns expansion now.

I used to play in a Linus/Wine environment which was usable but has become less so.  I did that because Linux is relatively immune to mal-ware and because I can multi-task with Linux.  Wine now often triggers an 'assert' in the game that will terminate the game per-maturely.  (Yes, there is a long open wine bug report on the problem.) 

I would be interested in talking to people who have been able to run Guild Wars 2 on 'virtual machines'.  In fact, I would be interested in running with almost anybody at this point...

This last year and a quarter has been hazardous; two very traumatic hospital stays.


All my characters have "Maximus" as their last name. 


Charr -- Guardian -- level 80 -- Created 2012-Oct-10
Armorsmith -- 425+
Weaponsmith -- 400+
Artificer -- 50+


Human -- Ranger -- level 60+
Chief -- 400
Artificer -- 250+


Asura -- Engineer -- level 40+
Huntsman -- 125+
Leather worker -- 125+


Sylvari -- Thief -- level 40+
Tailor -- 125+
Jewler -- 350+


Norn -- Elementalist -- level 40+
Artificer -- 25+

Tiny Hulk[edit]

Human -- Warrior -- level 50-60


Human -- Necromancer -- level 40+


Human -- Mesmer -- level 40+


Human -- Revnant -- Changing rapidly...


I am not entirely happy with the presentation of geographic and crafting information.  As a result, I will try to construct better alternatives.