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<|:D This user wears a hat!


I joined the Guild Wars Wiki a little late to be of any use, so when I heard about the Guild Wars 2 wiki I decided to jump on the opportunity to lend a hand. Since the game hasn't even been released yet, I won't bother keeping an up to date, exhaustive userpage detailing my awesome achievements and personal beliefs in a handy section of userboxes, but I will make myself home on the recent changes list fleshing out stubs and creating pages. So cheers mates, I look forward to the many edit conflicts we'll have in the near future! <|:D

My main character from Guild Wars the first is Dirth Arcadius, and is my alter ego when it comes to the game. You can contact me in-game as Dirth Arcadius if you need/want to.

Current Projects[edit]

  • Fleshing out all the lore relating to Charr
  • Starting location/lore articles relevant to GW2
  • Categorizing articles, because OCD is a wicked curse

You can help by possibly digging up moar information on Charr and putting it on the Wiki, or if you're lazy, dumping it on my talk page. Also; if you start an article, or edit one, try and put it into a category you think it would best fit in. If you put it in a category that doesn't exist, then you can even go ahead and create the category! Exciting!

My Contributions[edit]