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Child Of Caithe

Hello, person on my page :] Everything that I can do, at the moment, will be in the tabby things above, or in the "About Me" thingy below :D

About ChildOfCaithe:

Hello person, I am (or soon to be) a Child of Caithe, but you may call me Rob :] I'm 15 years old, and I've been running about the world of Guild Wars since the beta testing of Guild Wars:Prophecies. Yes, that's right, I've seen the days where the Doppelganger was nearly impossible to kill, and when titles did not exist. Anyways, I've been sitting around with nothing to do since May, 2007, when Guild Wars 2 was first mentioned. I'm happy to see that a massive amount of information is being released to us monthly.So far, I've decided my first character will be a Sylvari, because I've become just a little obsessed with them, as you can see x] Also, I have currently been most impressed by the Ranger, and I'm now more afraid of them then I ever was xD Scroll down to see what I mean...

Not Afraid Of Rangers?

Barrage Barrage.png Barrage animation.gif

Hunter's Call Hunter's Call.png Hunter's Call animation.gif
Spread Shot Spread Shot.png Poison Volley animation.gif
Serpent Strike Serpent's Strike.png Serpent Strike animation.gif
Whirling Defense Whirling Defense.png Whirling Defense animation.gif
How About Now?

My Siggynature ---> ChildOfCaithe

Sylvari 06 concept art.jpgSylvari 04 concept art.jpg Sylvari 09 concept art (The Druid).jpgSylvari 08 concept art (Sylvari Night).jpg