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If I don't know it, I'll learn it !

— Bullshizle

About Me[edit]

My username is Bullshizle, I'm 27 years old.
I've played Guild Wars only for a couple of months so far, reason for this is that I didn't really knew this game until recently.
My in game name in Guild Wars is "Lord Shizler" and mostly been playing an Assassin.
Assassins to me are all about speed which just gives me a rush while playing it.
Usually my game play tends to carry me towards PVE but occasionally you'll feel my daggers in PvP.
I have joined in all the GW2 betas and I'm still very active, my ingame name is "Félicia Steelblade".
So far I tried most professions but my main is a thief (he has the most world completion).
For PvP I like to switch to several other professions such as: Elementalist, Thief, Warrior, Necromancer.

This account has been created on April 16th and also the first time I'm actually contributing to a Wiki page.
In the past I've used Wiki to access great information in a short period of time, that made me think,...

Where does this information come from ?
Who contributes ?
What is necessary to create a page ?

Upon creation of my first account I immediately had tons of questions, these where answered almost as fast as I could read, this thanks to several dedicated and knowledgeable users. After I had most questions covered I made my first Wiki page, it's not an easy task but in my opinion it can be great fun.


My Guild Wars 2 character name is Félicia Steelblade.

Thank you ![edit]

I would also like to thank every Wiki user for contributing information, this has helped me (and a lot of other people).
Thank you Arenanet, for your superb work !
Thank you readers, without you my writing would have been useless.


I haven't been active in game for almost 2 years now but recently decided to come back and enjoy the full glory of the game once more.
Right now my main character is still my Thief and I mostly enjoy the thrill of sPvP.
I will try to contribute to the Wiki page where I can again.