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{{trait icon|<trait name>}}

Displays a link to the trait name (canonical name) and the trait icon. The tooltips display the article name.


1 (unnamed parameter)
Trait name. Defaults to "Trait".
2 (unnamed parameter)
Link text. Defaults to canonical name.
Size of icon to display, in px. Defaults to "25" px.


  • Persisting Flames Persisting Flames is produced from {{trait icon|Persisting Flames}}
  • Zephyr's Speed (ranger) Zephyr's Speed is produced from {{trait icon|Zephyr's Speed (ranger)}}
  • ZOOM! ZOOM! is produced from {{trait icon|Zephyr's Speed (ranger)|ZOOM!}}
  • Example Example is produced from {{trait icon|Nonexistent page|Example}}