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A stub is an article that has missing or incomplete information. The article should be evaluated on content rather than length. Short articles are not necessarily stubs and long articles are not necessarily complete. This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Stubs and if type is used will categorize it into the appropriate subcategory in that category.

As a rule of thumb, use this template sparingly:

  • Don't use a stub on a new article or if it's generally obvious that the article is incomplete.
  • Do use the stub when an article appears substantially complete, but isn't.
    • Include items missing from the article in the reason.
    • Generally, you can remove the tag if it does not include the reason and you cannot add them yourself.


Unnamed parameter 1
Unnamed parameter 2
The reason the article is being stubbed. The first parameter identifies the type when two parameters are specified. The possible types are as follows:
Type Description
achievement Achievement articles
armor Armor articles
bounty Bounty articles
build Build articles
cinematic Cinematic articles
dialogue Dialogue articles
effect Effect articles
guild Guild articles
interactive-object, interactive, bundle or object Interactive object articles
item Item articles
location Location articles
lore Lore articles
mission Mission articles
npc or npcs NPC articles
pve PvE articles
pvp PvP articles
quest, event or heart Quest articles
region Region articles
skill Skill articles
arenanet employee or anet ArenaNet employee
terminology or term Terminology
title Title
unique-weapon or unique weapon or unique Unique weapon
weapon Weapon
personal story Personal Story
crafting Crafting

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