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This page says 1 second cooldown, not 2 seconds.

the test actually Shows a CD much lower then 2 sec. Saying this sigil is 1sec cd, 4 stacks in 10sec is actually 40% chance sigil with 100% chance at criting which he doesn't have. 90% crit and 30% proc is only 2.7 stacks in 10sec with a 1sec cd. If he was getting 4 stacks he should consider himself lucky. Removing the note. Justice 21:02, 14 April 2013 (UTC)

K did my own testing. Was over 100% crit chance and i could barely break 3 stacks (4 for like just an instant occasionaly) of vulnerability in the 10 sec window (since i took no condition duration). So there are a couple of possibilities with this sigil.
  • It has a cd of 1 or 2 sec. Depending on the attack speed of your weapon, i was using axe which is fairly fast, you are looking at an average of 2 crits to proc on average once the sigil is off cd. On the rare occasion it procs on average lower then 2 attacks after the CD the axe was touching 4stacks. So yes it is probably 2sec.
  • Im not sure that this sigil is even 30% chance ! I can start out fresh on a golem and not get a proc on 20 crits in a row ! THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS 30%... Im thinking its gotta be 20% or maybe less. Im not sure on the math but even at 20% its horridly unlikely that it takes me 20 crits just to proc this sigil one time. Will post this finding on forum.

In short, dont expect to get more then 3 stacks of vulernability without using condition duration. You will get more mileage from the other sigils for sure. Justice 23:17, 14 April 2013 (UTC)

If using an AOE attack, does this AOE vulnerability or no?

I think the moment it triggers from a single packet of damage it goes on CD, regardless of whether you hit two or more targets. I don't think the game manages all attacks from a single aoe attack as one, instead processing each one as it goes.Mootay (talk) 03:01, 25 October 2013 (UTC)