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Moving comment on initial page to here.

 Noble Folly’s Pass – 1000 gems
 New area like Royal Terrace/Airship that provides all the crafting/banking stuff in one place. Also has the makeover NPC to view new hairs/faces.
 It is a separate map from Verdant Brink, so players don’t have to worry about players in it scaling up meta events.
 Two week version also available for 150 gems
Some players wish there was a scribing station inside, but without it linked to a guild that may not work. They'd also like the trading post to be closer to certain crafting stations, that the instance had music,and they want a ramp to the mystic forge also. It is claimed that it is located in Verdant Brink. • Quick Travel to All Cities • Crafting Stations • Bank and Guild Bank Access • Mystic Forge • Merchants

-Darqam (talk) 23:30, 2 August 2016 (UTC)