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This page lists all Halloween Creatures. They could also be called 'minions of the mad king' or something like that but items like Potion of Halloween Slaying refer to them as Halloween Creatures so I find that title fits best.--Zerebruin 12:08, 1 November 2012 (UTC)

Includes Bloody Prince Thorn?[edit]

Should Bloody Prince Thorn be included in this list? --Combatter (talk) 17:32, 3 November 2013 (UTC)

Lunatic Court[edit]

At the moment, every Halloween related NPC seems to be in this race category. Many members of the lunatic court for example are just simple charr, sylvari, human, asura, norn or ghosts. I always think of "halloween creature" more specific as a collection of skelettons, mumies candy corn elementals, plastic spiders and so on.--Aylia (talk) 13:10, 3 November 2021 (UTC)

Hostile Lunatic Court count for achis where you have to defeat Halloween creatures + for the slaying potions, there is no reason to suspect the non-hostile would not count as well. And if not Halloween creatures, technically they would all be ghosts anyway. ~Sime 23:01, 3 November 2021 (UTC)
The Lunatic Rebells count for the achievement and they are ghosts in Tyria, you are right. The halloween vendors are also ghosts, but Duke Wodalr, the Lunatic Boatmaster, Lunatic Noble Acreni, Lunatic Weaponsmith Markham, Bruce the Herald and Courtier Xikka are no ghosts, although they are in "our world".--Aylia (talk) 00:57, 4 November 2021 (UTC)
Lorewise, they're 100% ghosts (and/or undead) since one of the obvious requirements of being in the afterlife is being dead - a soul, or if you would, a ghost. Those that appear ghostly in Tyria were created in 2012 with the exception of the Boatmaster; those you linked, including the Boastmaster, weren't added to Tyria until at least 2015. It's not exactly clear why ArenaNet didn't maintain the consistency, nor why they appear fleshy in the Mad Realm when other souls don't while in the various afterlives in either game. But Halloween ghosts always appeared fairly fleshy, even in GW1 with gww:The Countess of Hakewood, gww:Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta, and of course, gww:Mad King Thorn himself. But despite their solid appearance, being dead makes you a ghost.
Mechanically, there's no true way to test the category allied NPCs fall under, as our only methods of testing are slaying potions, sigils, and achievements. It's best, and cleanest, to simply label them all the same rather than "these Lunatic Courtiers are Halloween creatures, these Lunatic Courtiers are ghosts, and these Lunatic Courtiers are something else" since you get all sorts of speculations and "but if this then that" scenarios. Similar reason why gww:Bruce the Herald is called a zombie, really, because there's no way to actually test the race and affiliation of town NPCs in gw1, so gww went by model - and since gw1 didn't have an overall Halloween NPCs in combat back in 2005 other than Mad King's Guard henchmen, that made sense then. 02:23, 4 November 2021 (UTC)
I understand your point and think it is reasonable. Maybe I am just too much a friend of speculation, thinking about parts of the Lunatic Court being still alive and just visit the mad realm (like us) or some crazy things that might explain their appearance, but I know this goes too far. Now that I think about it, the fleshy NPC (GW1 and GW2) often advertise some purchasable outfits, what might explain the inconsistency... Anyways, thanks for your long and detailed answer, I really appreciate it!--Aylia (talk) 21:48, 4 November 2021 (UTC)