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Is there a way to reobtain this mask?

I believe the way is to transmute the appearance of this mask to a non-soulbound head item, which can then be given to other characters. As far as the mask itself, I think the starter headpieces are in fact unique. ~ Capric 14:59, 19 September 2012 (UTC)
I wish that I'd known that that it was a unique appearance before I merched it. I would love to get it back as I've not been thrilled with the other options that I've seen since. If you find information on how to re-obtain this skin, please message me or mail in-game. Adeira Tasharo 20:41, 21 October 2012 (UTC)
I saved my masque and now discover with an exotic all ready to go that it won't transmute with any other items except using the other item's skin (no matter the item or whether using basic or fine transmutation stones). Needless to say I'm pretty ticked at this exceedingly pointless and arbitrary, undocumented restriction.
Correction: the skin can be saved but for whatever reason the demon masque must be on the left to be allowed to perform the transmutation.
I actually salvaged this mask accidentally, really bummed me out, so, as a workaround, I started a new necromancer character, chose the demon masque (obviously), found out that the mask is soulbound (darn it..) went to a bank to pick up some gold and transmutation stones which I deposited with my other character, bought a cheap mask at the trading post, transmutated the demon masque with the new mask, obviously chosing the demon masque looks, and to my utter joy, the demon masque was no longer soulbound, so I deposited the mask, leftover gold and whatever else I had in my new necromancers inventory, logged out, deleted the new necromancer and was able to use the new demon masque with my level 80 necro, I did transmutate it another time, to get more desirable stats, but in the end, I did get the ultra cool demon masque looks! Loads of trouble though, really, just don't salvage it by accident ;)


I have no idea how to upload images to the wiki, but if someone could add this to the page it would be much appreciated. As you'll notice, the eye colour is changed with the demon masque on, and it looks awesome. Additional information: The picture is of the female norn version of the masque . 11:12, 1 November 2012 (UTC)