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Ok, so I just put the transcripts of the trailer on the page, but there are some things I'm not really sure about.

  1. The difference of quotes from the staff and the narrator. I just thought the staff should have the same type of transcripts the voiceover actors had in the Giving Tyria a Voice trailer. The narrator, however, didn't looked well in those quotes, because he's not a known person.
  2. Is it ok to make links in things like "mocap" and "parallax effect" linking to the wiki? And the same for articles of this wiki, like Divinity's Reach and such? It's in the quotes, so I was uncertain, but it is very likely that many people don't know what those things are, and the wiki should have strong connections between the articles to make it easy for people to understand everything. Again, the only reason I didn't make those links is because the texts are quotes, and I'm not sure if that's ok to do.
  3. Some transcript doubts:
    1. "We've got something super special to show you" (around 0:25) - Horia doesn't seem to say "something", but "some". I assumed he said "something" just because "some" doesn't really fit. The same thing happens again later: "we've got something pretty cool" (around 2:40)
    2. "This will help us figure out the time of beads" (around 0:58) - "The time of beads"? I have quite a few doubts about this one, but I didn't want to leave it just blank.
    3. I think I heard things like "we got", but, not being sure, I wrote it as "we've got" and such. Not sure of what they said exactly (too fast for me to hear!!), but I think that in a written text "we've got" is better than "we got" (unless there are strict rules about quoting and we should really put everything exactly the way they said). But, again, I'm not even sure if they said one thing or the other.
    4. Not sure if this must be ipsis verbis or if we should make the text tidier, not including the "hum" sounds and such (which is what I did).

I'm sorry for all those doubts, but I'm really uncertain about how the quotes should be handled. I think that tackling these small issues is easier than transcripting the whole trailer, and that's why I chose to do the transcripts, even with some doubts. Better have them with small imperfections than not have any transcripts at all. Nevertheless, sorry for the trouble I'm giving. =P -- 15:43, 30 August 2010 (UTC)

I've just changed some things thanks to this. They hadn't everything correct either, but the combination of the two transcripts is almost definitely correct. All of the points under 3. in my above comment have been clarified by the Guru post (unless they didn't do them right either, in which case I would appreciate if someone changed it). Points 1 and 2 still stand. -- 18:33, 30 August 2010 (UTC)