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Please check if it's still a tier 1 trait. --Rapid Sausage 05:21, 20 August 2012 (UTC)

As of the last stress test, yes, it was in the sixth position on the Adept Major slot. However, it used the VIII icon, and Signet Mastery (mesmer) used the VI icon, which are probably just bugs leftover from when they got switched around right after BWE3. —Dr Ishmael User Dr ishmael Diablo the chicken.png 12:22, 20 August 2012 (UTC)

"When using both Dazzling Glamours and Blinding Befuddlement with Confusing Enchantments, only one stack of confusion will apply." --- This is not true, if an enemy passes all the way from outside a glamour into it and then back out with all three traits in effect that enemy will get 3 stacks of confusion. Confusing Enchantments only applies the confusion when passing across a border of a glamour so if you drop the glamour directly on top of your enemy and they do not exit the field then no confusion will be applied, Dazzling Glamours + Blinding Befuddlement will apply the blind and confusion when the enemy is inside the glamour, whether they started out in there or entered by passing through the border. --- 23:40, 12 December 2013 (UTC)

It's funny how traits that do literally exactly what they say on the tooltip are some of the most confusing of all. Vili 点 User talk:Vili 10:38, 10 January 2014 (UTC)
IP, you should put that in there! I'm pretty impressed that you noticed that at all and I'm gonna have to go start curtain pulling things through my glamours. --Ph03n1x (talk) 23:38, 23 January 2014 (UTC)