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This text property stores the internal game GUID for the game asset.

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A Celebration of Meat +18DD3B33-1A05-457C-9426-CD98723F690D  +
A Moment's Rest +F18AE5FB-BEF9-4B17-961D-CB06812B067F  +
A battle beetle is ready to lay eggs. Help her to the hatchery +C0A9AAD5-0195-48AC-A800-5691186B13CC  +
A race is starting soon! (Dragon Bash) +9FBFB80B-6746-407B-BF58-7801CA744AEB  +
A race is starting soon! (Mad King's Raceway) +34C4E1C6-7438-41C0-8A21-14EF269B50B9  +
Absorb the essence from charged crystals for Ixcic's Sparkling Effervescence +13E2072F-C270-4BB0-99B4-CB7C9FECE410  +, 45691DCD-9E1C-48A7-A9FE-C9E624B60BB8  +, C17A9FE6-510D-4CD1-B978-AFF0B7E85065  +,
Accompany Muldoon on a walkabout around the Nightguard Beach +9B249A20-2454-475B-8802-07FE64E17A8D  +
Accompany Rakkan as he tests Merla's undead camouflage potion +6692E5B7-794B-4BE8-B3B2-F26B785A0584  +
Accompany the Lionguard patrol +46AD328B-95D8-4967-8396-8F86FD2D4EE3  +
Acquire a skale charmer from Secunda and use it to tag and tame nearby skale +ABDAF215-9201-465F-9A2A-FB57B5FA90E8  +
Aid the Pact soldiers around the airship wreck +52B307F2-66E3-4B59-80BC-A1C67587A9F8  +
Aid the poor of Divinity's Reach by donating to Ho-Ho-Tron +AD31D52F-C650-473D-8637-5792868828D7  +
Aid the servants as they construct a camp +336D9574-AD55-4B03-910A-D2EF3C83EFA7  +
Aid those affected by Scarlet's attack on Divinity's Reach by donating to Ho-Ho-Tron +AD31D52F-C650-473D-8637-5792868828D7  +
Aid those affected by Scarlet's attack on Divinity's Reach by donating to Marcello DiGiacomo +0C1F0F38-6D1B-45C0-BE94-E20010127FC4  +
Annihilate the destroyers loosed by the dredge +3813DC2B-A89F-4EEB-8AEE-F72C545ECA79  +
Answer lore questions to draw out a challenger from the legions for a duel +A02AF725-BBFD-4892-8A22-F3D28171752C  +
Answer riddles posed by Raven's statues +2F4AFCCA-EF5E-4724-844A-A5B2ADD77073  +
Ask Queen Nadijeh for military support +549DEFA3-CCD5-4D3A-9B64-0DBEDF096F13  +
Assassinate the separatist instigator +DC7C36C0-3D64-4121-A3D1-D224476CC753  +
Assault Foulbear Kraal by killing its leaders before the ogres can rally +D9F1CF48-B1CB-49F5-BFAF-4CEC5E68C9CF  +
Assault Kingsgate and drive the centaurs back before they can rally their forces +DDC0A526-A239-4791-8984-E7396525B648  +
Assault Overwatch Camp and destroy the trebuchets +106861A5-9261-409D-A8C4-517FF6B4E0B3  +
Assault the Mordant Crescent's encampment before reinforcements arrive +3F49DB25-EF67-4586-879B-02F7661D240C  +
Assist Aloogwa with combat training +35DE4A94-B085-4F1A-AAE9-C7243F655E8B  +