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Mausollus was a warrior-priest, and one of the first priests of Grenth. He is known for having been the first priest to spread Grenth's teachings to Elona from Orr, living among the people of Istan and Vabbi. In Orr, he was one of the priests who served at the Cathedral of Silence.[1]

The Mausollus Sea was named after him, being the body of water he crossed to reach Elona.


  1. ^ Cathedral of Silence
    Priestess Rhie: This was Grenth's first temple in Tyria, raised when he defeated Dhuum and ascended godhood. Some of his greatest priests served here—Desmina, Mausollus.
    <Character name>: Who was Mausollus?
    Priestess Rhie: A warrior-priest who carried the worship of Grenth from Arah into Elona. He crossed the sea that bore his name, and lived among the peoples of Vabbi and Istan.