Hay Bale (WvW)

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Hay Bale (WvW)

Hay Bale (WvW).jpg

Desert Borderlands
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Desert Borderlands map with hay bales.jpg

complete map

Osprey Palace with hay bales.jpg

Osprey Palace region

Blistering Undercroft with hay bales.jpg

Blistering Undercroft region

Hay Bales can be found at the bottom of long drops in Desert Borderlands. If you successfully land in them you can survive the drop.


  • NW of Bauer Farmstead POI (East of sentry)
  • W of the Air Keep Western shrine.
  • N of Crankshaft Depot POI (at bottom of stairs)
  • N of Parched Outpost POI (just outside north entrance).
  • W of Osprey Palace near Zak's Overlook
  • E of Higgins Ascent
  • W of Bauer Farmstead Vista (a bit North of sentry)