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Seasonal inventory refers to specific Gem Store items only available during a certain season in a year.

List of inventories[edit]

Spring inventory[edit]

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Summer inventory[edit]

See also: Category:Summer inventory

Fall/Winter inventory[edit]

See also: Category:Fall inventory


  • The start and end dates of the respective seasonal inventory varies.
  • The estimated start dates are as follows:
    • Spring: February/March
    • Summer: June
    • Fall/Winter: September
  • Approximate end dates:
    • Spring: June
    • Summer: September
    • Fall/Winter: February/March
  • Additional items may be added to or removed from an inventory once a new cycle begins. Items may switch their seasonal inventory.
  • Despite being a part of a seasonal inventory, items are expected to be occasionally on sale out of season.
  • It's possible for items to have overlapping seasonal categories.
  • Items that are part of a seasonal cycle can be found in the Seasonal Style Swap tab of the store interface.


  • Seasonal inventories were first referenced on March 1, 2016. [1]
  • Instead of having inventories for all four seasons, the item selections of Fall and Winter are merged into one inventory.

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