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A Bow String is one of the two types of crafting components needed for a Huntsman tango icon 20px.pngHuntsman to craft a longbow or short bow.


The standard recipe for making bow strings is:

1  Coarse String.png Bow String = 3  Cured Coarse Leather Square.png Leather Squares, with the exception of the 1st tier which only uses 2.

Recipes by Material[edit]

Bow String Discipline level Required Material
Rawhide String.png Rawhide String 0
Thin String.png Thin String 75
Coarse String.png Coarse String 150
Rugged String.png Rugged String 225
Thick String.png Thick String 300
Hardened String.png Hardened String 400
Oiled Hardened String.png Oiled Hardened String 400
Elonian String.png Elonian String 500