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ArenaNet employee

Bob Green

Quality Assurance Team Lead
Quality assurance

I'm really excited to see what the public thinks of the dynamic event system and its impact on the in-game world. Some of the changes are subtle and not as noticeable as others, but every event can make a change in the world. Maybe a vendor opens to sell a product because you helped an event succeed. Maybe that vendor only sells a different product if the event fails. It’s going to take some time and a little brain power to figure out all the ways that some of these events make their impressions on the world.

— ArenaNet blog

Bob Green was a Quality Assurance Team Lead at ArenaNet from September 2009-January 2015. He began working with w:NCSoft as a Senior QA Tester in 2004 and continued until 2009, where he transferred to working with ArenaNet as a QA Lead. He now works for a Microsoft subsidiary called Experis as an STE III.