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  • The account will be reverted to its exact condition in the account snapshot. Characters, inventory, achievements, and wealth will reflect their state on the date and time of the restore point.
  • Individual characters or items cannot be restored; the ART operates on the account as a whole.
  • Account restoration does not affect any serial codes that were applied to an account. You would use the same serial code to verify your account ownership in the future.
  • Account restoration is only for an account that was compromised by an unauthorized person. We do not restore accounts impacted by scamming, erroneous gem purchases, accidental deletions, etc.
  • Shared accounts are ineligible for restoration.
  • Accounts involved in the use of a third-party program are ineligible for restoration.
  • Restorations do not impact guild banks.

Official FAQ

Account Restoration is ArenaNet's official term for the system that their support team uses to restore compromised Guild Wars 2 accounts. After a verification process that can last several business days, ArenaNet will restore the account to a snapshot taken of the account to some point before it was compromised.


  • There is a limit of one restoration per account.
  • Do not assume that a restoration will give you back your account in a recent state as the snapshot "may date from a period substantially prior to the event." If the damage done to your account is not critical, consider that a restoration may set you back even more than the compromise.

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  • The Account Restoration system was announced on 11 December 2012.