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The Queen's Gauntlet

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The Queen's Gauntlet is an achievement category surrounding the eponymous activity, Queen's Gauntlet. Achievements are awarded for completing various fights, using assorted gambits or beating certain bosses with a specific gambit on.

The Queen's Gauntlet.png
215 Arenanet Points.png
This is the meta achievement for this categoryThis achievement rewards an item Queen's Gauntlet Champion 40 Arenanet Points.png
Complete 11 of the Queen's Gauntlet achievements.
Reward: Bag of Coins.png Bag of Coins
11 Queen's Gauntlet Achievements Completed 40 Arenanet Points.png
Blobs, Schmobs 10 Arenanet Points.png
Defeat Subject 7 without killing any oozes. 1 Ooze-Sparing Subject 7 Kills 10 Arenanet Points.png
Blood Sport Enthusiast Arenanet Points.png
Unlock 1 gambit. Unlocked 1 Gambit Arenanet Points.png
Blood Sport Connoisseur 10 Arenanet Points.png
Unlock 7 gambits. Unlocked 7 gambits 10 Arenanet Points.png
Doobrosh Tranquilizer Arenanet Points.png
Defeat Doobroosh after he gains max stacks of Hormonal Imbalance. 1 Hormonally-Imbalanced Doobroosh Kills Arenanet Points.png
First Blood Arenanet Points.png
Defeat 1 Queen's Gauntlet opponents. Defeated 1 Opponents Arenanet Points.png
This achievement rewards an item Light Snuffer 10 Arenanet Points.png
Complete the first tier of the Queen's Gauntlet.
Reward: Bag of Coins.png Bag of Coins
1 Suriel the Blazing Light Kills 10 Arenanet Points.png
This achievement rewards an item Pirate Punisher 15 Arenanet Points.png
Complete the second tier of the Queen's Gauntlet.
Reward: Bag of Coins.png Bag of Coins
1 Ravenous Crew Defeats 15 Arenanet Points.png
This achievement rewards an item Darkness Illuminator 20 Arenanet Points.png
Complete the third tier of the Queen's Gauntlet.
Reward: Mini Liadri the Concealing Dark.png Mini Liadri the Concealing Dark
1 Liadri the Concealing Darkness Kills 20 Arenanet Points.png
Meatless Murderer 10 Arenanet Points.png
Defeat Strugar and Chomper while denying Chomper any delicious meat. 1 Strugar and Chomper Meatless Defeats 10 Arenanet Points.png
Savage Brute Arenanet Points.png
Defeat Masticus with max stacks of Bloodlust active. 1 Bloodlust Masticus Kills Arenanet Points.png
Candle in the Wind Arenanet Points.png
Defeat Windcaller Kieldia with On Fire gambit active. Defeated Windcaller Kieldia 1 Times While On Fire Arenanet Points.png
Humble Victor 15 Arenanet Points.png
Win a third tier challenge with active Frailty and Squeamish gambits. 1 Frail and Squeamish Victories 15 Arenanet Points.png
Risk Taker Arenanet Points.png
Win 1 third tier match with an active gambit. 1 Third Tier Gambit Victories Arenanet Points.png
High Stakes Gambler 20 Arenanet Points.png
Win 1 third tier matches with five active gambits. 1 Five Gambit, Third Tier Victories 20 Arenanet Points.png
Light Up the Darkness 20 Arenanet Points.png
Defeat Liadri the Concealing Dark after striking her with eight orbs of blazing light. 1 Liadri Blazing Light Kills 20 Arenanet Points.png
Triple Threat 15 Arenanet Points.png
Win 1 third tier matches with three active gambits. 1 Three Gambit, Third Tier Victories 15 Arenanet Points.png

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