Radiant armor

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Radiant armor
Radiant armor (light) human female front.jpg Radiant armor (medium) human female front.jpg Radiant armor (heavy) human female front.jpg
Light Medium Heavy

Radiant armor is a unique armor skin set awarded to the player for reaching certain achievement milestones.


Awarded Item
9,000 Arenanet Points.png or 18,000 Arenanet Points.png Radiant Warhelm Skin.png Radiant Warhelm Skin
6,000 Arenanet Points.png or 15,000 Arenanet Points.png Radiant Mantle Skin.png Radiant Mantle Skin
33,000 Arenanet Points.png or 36,000 Arenanet Points.png Radiant Chestpiece Skin.png Radiant Chestpiece Skin
3,000 Arenanet Points.png or 12,000 Arenanet Points.png Radiant Vambraces Skin.png Radiant Vambraces Skin
27,000 Arenanet Points.png or 30,000 Arenanet Points.png Radiant Legs Skin.png Radiant Legs Skin
21,000 Arenanet Points.png or 24,000 Arenanet Points.png Radiant Greaves Skin.png Radiant Greaves Skin

Preview codes[edit]

Weight Head Shoulders Chest Hands Legs Feet


  • Radiant armor skins have a few unusual features:
    • They are always free to apply.
    • Only 5 pieces are dyeable: light chest, light legs, medium chest, medium legs, and heavy legs.
    • Only the chest and leggings have unique appearances for each weight tier.

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