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PvP crafting material

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Historical content This page contains information about a Guild Wars 2 element, mechanic, or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is no longer available.
PvP crafting materials are salvaged from PvP rewards using a PvP Salvage Kit. These materials can be used at the Mystic Forge to craft specific PvP items. There are four types of crafting material:


[edit] Arcane Powder

Arcane Powder.png Arcane Powder is the most common crafting material and is used in most recipes.

A typical recipe is for example:

  • 5 Arcane Powder
  • 1 Arcane Token
  • 1 Rank Token
  • 1 Equipment Token

[edit] Equipment Token

These are used to decide the specific type of item crafted (one-handed sword, heavy chest piece etc). They can be bought directly from glory vendors for 200 glory. They are also sometimes produced when salvaging PvP rewards with a PvP Salvage Kit. Item Tokens can also be crafted at the mystic forge, by combining four PvP bags of the same size (for example, four 8-slot bags).

Mithril Axe.png Axe Token Dagger Token.png Dagger Token Focus Token.png Focus Token
Greatsword Token.png Greatsword Token Hammer Token.png Hammer Token Harpoon Token.png Harpoon Token
Soft Wood Longbow.png Longbow Token Mace Token.png Mace Token Pistol Token.png Pistol Token
Rifle Token.png Rifle Token Scepter Token.png Scepter Token Shield.png Shield Token
Short Bow Token.png Short Bow Token Speargun Token.png Speargun Token Staff Token.png Staff Token
Sword Token.png Sword Token Torch Token.png Torch Token Trident Token.png Trident Token
Fine Warhorn.png Warhorn Token
Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
Light Helm Token.png Light Helm Token Medium Helm Token.png Medium Helm Token Heavy Helm Token.png Heavy Helm Token
Light Pauldron Token.png Light Pauldron Token Medium Pauldron Token.png Medium Pauldron Token Heavy Pauldron Token.png Heavy Pauldron Token
Light Coat Token.png Light Coat Token Medium Coat Token.png Medium Coat Token Heavy Coat Token.png Heavy Coat Token
Light Gloves Token.png Light Gloves Token Medium Gloves Token.png Medium Gloves Token Heavy Gloves Token.png Heavy Gloves Token
Light Leggings Token.png Light Leggings Token Medium Leggings Token.png Medium Leggings Token Heavy Leggings Token.png Heavy Leggings Token
Light Boots Token.png Light Boots Token Medium Boots Token.png Medium Boots Token Heavy Boots Token.png Heavy Boots Token

[edit] Rank Token

These are one of the key components in deciding the appearance of the crafted item. PvP armor and weapons have a chance to be salvaged into the appropriate Rank Token when using a PvP Salvage Kit.

For example, all items found within Deer Chests have a chance to salvage into Deer Tokens. Likewise, PvP armor or weapons crafted using a Deer Token have a chance to salvage back into a Deer Token.

Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Rabbit Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Deer Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Dolyak Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Wolf Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Tiger Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Bear Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Shark Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Phoenix Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Dragon Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Free Tournament Token
Lucky Rabbit's Foot.png Paid Tournament Token

[edit] Arcane Token

These come in three varieties and decide the rarity of the item crafted.
Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb: Basic
Arcane Crystal.png Arcane Crystal: Fine
Arcane Sliver.png Arcane Sliver: Rare

[edit] Arcane Converter

The Durmand Priory Book.png PvP Arcane Converter is used by the Mystic Forge to convert arcane components. Arcane Converters are obtained from glory vendors for 1,000 glory.
The conversion rates are:
1 Durmand Priory Book.png PvP Arcane Converter + 25 Arcane Powder.png Arcane Powders + 25 Arcane Sliver.png Arcane Slivers + 1 Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb = 11 Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orbs
1 Durmand Priory Book.png PvP Arcane Converter + 25 Arcane Powder.png Arcane Powders + 25 Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orbs + 1 Arcane Crystal.png Arcane Crystal = 11 Arcane Crystal.png Arcane Crystals
1 Durmand Priory Book.png PvP Arcane Converter + 25 Arcane Powder.png Arcane Powders + 25 Arcane Crystal.png Arcane Crystals + 1 Arcane Sliver.png Arcane Sliver = 11 Arcane Sliver.png Arcane Slivers

[edit] Consumables

The Consumable Token.png Consumable Tokens can be used in the Mystic Forge to create PvP consumables. Consumable tokens are obtained from glory vendors for 200 glory.
1 Consumable Token.png Consumable Token + 1 Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb + 10 Arcane Powder.png Arcane Powder + 1 Arcane Sliver.png Arcane Sliver = Unidentified Dye
1 Consumable Token.png Consumable Token + 1 Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb + 10 Arcane Powder.png Arcane Powder + 1 Arcane Crystal.png Arcane Crystal = PvP Glory Booster.png PvP Glory Booster

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