Mystic Plaza

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Mystic Plaza

Point of Interest
Western Ward
(Lion's Arch)
Game link

Mystic Forge.jpg
Mystic Plaza

Mystic Plaza was a square in the middle of Lion's Arch. However, it was moved during the Festival of the Four Winds. It may now be found southwest of its original location, which is just northeast of the Sanctum Harbor waypoint. The Mystic Forge is located in the center of Mystic Plaza.

Getting there[edit]

It is located right by the Trader's Forum Waypoint.




Necromancer trainer.png
Iorek the Blackhearted

Ambient Dialogue[edit]

Doc Halvern: Sickness, flesh wounds...there is no ailment that cannot be cured by some of my krait oil.
Hawker Tahrin: Oh, come on. Like that's going to work on me.
Citizen (1): I'm looking for a guide to take me to Nebo Terrace.
Lionguard: That's centaur country. Good luck.
Citizen (2): She's right. Everyone there wants to come here, and nobody from there wants to go back.