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Mystic Plaza

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Mystic Plaza

Point of Interest
Trader's Forum
(Lion's Arch)
Game link

Mystic Forge.jpg
Mystic Plaza

Mystic Plaza is a square in the middle of Lion's Arch. The Mystic Forge is located in the center of Mystic Plaza.


[edit] Getting there

It's right at Trader's Forum Waypoint.

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

[edit] Services

Thief trainer.png
Ranger trainer.png
Antonin Jerull
Guardian trainer.png
Galen Knapp
Necromancer trainer.png
Iorek the Blackhearted
Engineer trainer.png
Mesmer trainer.png
Mira Mindrender
Elementalist trainer.png
Serafina Cassel
Warrior trainer.png
Valya Prentis

[edit] Ambient Dialogue

Doc Halvern: Sickness, flesh wounds...there is no ailment that cannot be cured by some of my krait oil.
Hawker Tahrin: Oh, come on. Like that's going to work on me.
Citizen (1): I'm looking for a guide to take me to Nebo Terrace.
Lionguard: That's centaur country. Good luck.
Citizen (2): She's right. Everyone there wants to come here, and nobody from there wants to go back.
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