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List of vistas in Metrica Province

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Area Nearest Waypoint (map icon).png Description
Akk Wilds Akk Wilds Waypoint Overlooks Parnna's Gate. Can be reached through the either of the Sunshade Caves entrances (to the left or or right of the waypoint),or the entrance by Peacemaker Zeppa close by the PR&T Esoterics lab.
Artergon Woods Arterium Haven Waypoint Overlooks Arterium Haven. Can be reached via stairs and wooden steps near Equipment Repairs.
Desider Atum Desider Atum Waypoint Overlooks Desider Atum. Can be reached via stairs near the Armorsmith.
Inquest Outer Complex Hexane Regrade Waypoint Overlooks the waterfall & river to the west of the Inquest Outer Complex. Can be reached by going up a small slope to the west of the Inquest Outer Complex.
Muridian Uplands Artergon Waypoint Overlooks The Thaumanova Reactor. Can be reached via steps & overhangs on the west side of the hill.
The Hinterlabs Hydrone Unit Waypoint Overlooks The Incinergen Labs. Can be reached from the north-eastern corner of the building.
The Hinterlabs Hydrone Unit Waypoint Overlooks The Splorge Metamystics Lab. Can be reached via stairs on either the west corner of the building or the south corner.
Voloxian Passage Rana Landing Complex Waypoint Overlooks Brill Alliance Labs. Can be reached via stairs found on the east side of the building, or by climbing a couple of steps and ascending the diamond archway to the south of the building.
Wildflame Caverns Soren Draa Waypoint Overlooks the Wildflame Caverns. Can be reached via a small slope in the center of the caverns.

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