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Guild Wars 2 Wiki:FAQ

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[edit] The wiki

When was this site created?
ArenaNet started Guild Wars 2 Wiki in December 2007 so that the community would have a place to document the information as it became available. Emily Diehl said, "[W]e'd like to make sure that you guys have a good place to put that stuff when you get it, without having to move it later."
Are devs going to be able to talk about Guild Wars 2 here?
Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet staff have released game status updates. Beyond this, dev contributions have been limited, mostly pertaining to translation and transliteration of material from other ArenaNet sources.
Are the rules here like Guild Wars Wiki? Are the same people in charge?
No...and yes. The Guild Wars 2 Wiki community is a mix of the communities from Guild Wars Wiki, GuildWiki, other Guild Wars fansites, and people who have had no previous interest in the original Guild Wars. This has influenced some of the choices made here, but this is a new community.
This site's practices and processes are the standards used here and include some notable differences from the other wikis.
Someone already got my wiki account name! How can I get it back from this evil imposter?
Login information is shared between Guild Wars Wiki and Guild Wars 2 Wiki. If the account already exists on GWW, you don't have to register again; just log in with your normal account name and password.
Why do my preferences here and on Guild Wars Wiki keep changing?
Because accounts are shared between GWW and GW2W, any preferences you set here take effect there, and vice versa.
Is the wiki accessible from in-game?
Yes; the in-game command /wiki will open a wiki page in your default browser. For example, /wiki Warrior will switch focus to your browser and open a new window/tab to the Warrior page. In addition, an ArenaNet blog post has stated that there will be "a much tighter system for accessing and consuming wiki content. This will greatly reduce the need to continuously jump out of the game to access web sites for information." Specifics haven't been revealed.
Will there be a place on the wiki for me to add my guild?
No, at least not in the way this was done on Guild Wars Wiki. However, you are free to create an article for your guild within your user space.

[edit] The game

I have questions about Guild Wars 2.
See the FAQ for the game. If your question isn't answered there, you can search the wiki for a keyword of your question. If you still find no results, try asking on this page - but be warned that there's still a lot we don't know.
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