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Disambig icon.png This article is about naming conventions used in the game. For acquiring gear with specific prefixes or rarity, see equipment acquisition by stats.
Disambig icon.png "Assassin" redirects here. For the non-player character, see Assassin (NPC).

Item nomenclature refers to a standardized set of words to describe common traits among items. For example, the word "Hearty" means toughness and vitality bonuses, and applies to any item type.

An item's prefix is determined when it is created and cannot be changed; for crafted items, it is based on the activator used to produce the item. Some unique items don't display normal prefixes, but follow the same patterns for their attributes.

An item's suffix is determined by its current upgrade component, which can be replaced. Gemstones, jewels, and "generic" upgrade components (marks, talismans, seals, medallions, and crests) generate suffixes that generally follow the same naming conventions and attribute distributions as the prefixes. Runes and sigils follow their own rules, which are not discussed on this page.

Attribute bonuses[edit]

Items with the following affixes provide a bonus to the corresponding attribute:

  • Two attribute bonuses can be found in items with a level of 21 to 55.
  • Three attributes bonuses are available starting with items at level 55 or 60, depending on the type of gear.

Acquisition and details of each prefix are described on additional pages:

This table describes prefixes for PvE equipment; PvP amulets with the same prefix do not necessarily grant the same attributes.

Attributes Standard
Major Minor
Power Power Mighty of Might
Precision Precision Precise of Precision
Toughness Toughness Resilient
Giver's (armor)
of Resilience
Vitality Vitality Vital of Vitality
Condition Damage Condition Damage Malign of Festering
Condition Duration Condition Duration Giver's (weapon) -
Healing Power Healing Power Healing of Compassion
Boon Duration Boon Duration Snowflake (trinkets) of Winter
of Luck [1]
Dual attribute
Power Power Precision Precision Strong of Strength
Power Power Toughness Toughness Vagabond's -
Power Power Vitality Vitality Vigorous of Vigor
Power Power Ferocity Ferocity Honed of Honing
Power Power Condition Damage Condition Damage Potent of Potency
Precision Precision Power Power Hunter's of the Hunter
Precision Precision Ferocity Ferocity Penetrating of Penetration
Toughness Toughness Precision Precision Stout of the Stout
Toughness Toughness Condition Damage Condition Damage Enduring -
Toughness Toughness Healing Power Healing Power Giver's (armor)
Snowflake (trinkets)
of Winter
Vitality Vitality Toughness Toughness Hearty of Heartiness
Condition Damage Condition Damage Precision Precision Ravaging of Ravaging
Condition Damage Condition Damage Toughness Toughness Deserter's -
Condition Damage Condition Damage Vitality Vitality Lingering of Lingering
Condition Duration Condition Duration Vitality Vitality Giver's (weapon) -
Healing Power Healing Power Power Power Rejuvenating of Rejuvenation
Healing Power Healing Power Toughness Toughness Survivor's -
Healing Power Healing Power Vitality Vitality Mending of Mending
Triple attribute
Power Power Precision Precision Ferocity Ferocity Berserker's of the Berserker
Power Power Precision Precision Healing Power Healing Power Zealot's -
Power Power Toughness Toughness Vitality Vitality Soldier's of the Soldier
Power Power Toughness Toughness Healing Power Healing Power Forsaken -
Power Power Vitality Vitality Ferocity Ferocity Valkyrie of the Valkyrie
Precision Precision Power Power Toughness Toughness Captain's of the Captain
Precision Precision Power Power Ferocity Ferocity Assassin's of the Assassin
Precision Precision Power Power Condition Damage Condition Damage Rampager's of the Rampager
Toughness Toughness Power Power Precision Precision Knight's -
Toughness Toughness Power Power Ferocity Ferocity Cavalier's -
Toughness Toughness Vitality Vitality Healing Power Healing Power Nomad's -
Toughness Toughness Boon Duration Boon Duration Healing Power Healing Power Giver's (armor)
Snowflake (trinkets)
of Winter
Toughness Toughness Condition Damage Condition Damage Healing Power Healing Power Settler's -
Vitality Vitality Power Power Toughness Toughness Sentinel's -
Vitality Vitality Power Power Healing Power Healing Power - of the Shaman
Vitality Vitality Condition Damage Condition Damage Healing Power Healing Power Shaman's -
Condition Damage Condition Damage Power Power Precision Precision Sinister
Condition Damage Condition Damage Power Power Vitality Vitality Carrion of Carrion
Condition Damage Condition Damage Precision Precision Toughness Toughness Rabid of the Rabid
Condition Damage Condition Damage Toughness Toughness Vitality Vitality Dire -
Condition Damage Condition Damage Toughness Toughness Healing Power Healing Power Apostate's -
Condition Duration Condition Duration Precision Precision Vitality Vitality Giver's (weapon) -
Healing Power Healing Power Power Power Toughness Toughness Cleric's of the Cleric
Healing Power Healing Power Precision Precision Vitality Vitality Magi's of the Magi
Healing Power Healing Power Toughness Toughness Condition Damage Condition Damage Apothecary's of the Apothecary
Small [2] Bonus to: Power.png Precision.png Toughness.png Vitality.png Condition Damage.png Healing Power.png Ferocity.png Celestial of the Sky
  1. ^ This suffix is used by both doubloons and sigils of luck.
  2. ^ The "small" bonus is 5/8 the size of a standard minor bonus

Graphical relationship between attribute sets[edit]

Use this graph to help you navigate the trade-offs between the different 3-attribute affixes.

Nomenclature graph.png