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World 2 Zone 1
Super Adventure Box

Do you hear the sound of rushing RAPIDS?

— Loading screen description

Rapids is zone 1 of world 2 of Super Adventure Box. There are 11 Hidden Rooms and 38 Baubles to collect. This level mostly involves climbing the rows bridges (which may collapse behind you), or by jumping on the various alligators and turtles. Near the beginning of the level, you are warned that while you can stand in still water with no penalty, flowing water is dangerous. Flowing water will knock you down in the direction of the flow. You can eventually flow off into the void and lose a life unless you jump out of the water, or are knocked back against land.


  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Super Adventure Box
  • Team Score: X


  • Note: This guide is for Normal mode to maximize bauble collection. In Infantile Mode the majority of this zone can be completed by using the rainbow clouds, and foes are more likely to drop food than Baubles.

Area 1[edit]

There are several hidden areas (see below) in the beginning area, though they do not count towards the Associate of Secrets achievement. There are three waterfalls that you will climb, a solitary waterfall on the right and a twin waterfall on the left. Begin by finding Hidden Area 1:
Hidden Area 1
From where you spawn, go to the right and move along the stream to the waterfalls. On the right of a hill with a solitary pine tree you'll find a ledge - carefully move on it, then jump into the left waterfall. There is a room with a red bauble--20 Baubles. [verification requested] Cross the small stream via wooden foot bridge and locate Hidden Area 2:
Hidden Area 2
After crossing the small bridge in the starting area and moving to the twin falls, one can walk through the right waterfall and enter a jumping puzzle with geyser-like water spouts. Red Bauble at the top--20 Baubles.

Start your climb at the right of the twin waterfalls by going up a pillar of rocks. Hop back toward the solitary waterfall and proceed up the rock face. Jump back across the solitary waterfall to reach a slanted bridge -- be careful to keep moving or jumping on it as the planks will fall down.

Hidden Area 3:
Hidden Area 3
While jumping on the ledges to pass by the twin waterfalls, from the first ledge of the 2nd waterfall, jump up and towards the waterfall. You'll find a small room with 15 baubles within it.

Proceed up the rock face to the left of the twin waterfalls. Go to the ledge with the turtle and use the whip on it to cause it to flip upside, using it as a platform to get to the checkpoint.

Area 2[edit]

Whip the first alligator on the right and jump to the rock outcrop across the stream. Whip the 2nd alligator and hop to the round rock in the center of the stream. Now whip/hop the 3 alligators and 1 turtle to make it across to land.

Secret Room 4:After crossing the stream, you'll see a pile of stones at the base of the waterfall. Climb up to the very top of them, then jump into the left waterfall - there's a narrow ledge behind the water. Walk on it, then jump out of the waterfall on the ground. Head towards the direction you came from, and jump down. There's a pool of still water, dig in the middle to find a red bauble.

Cross the stream again and use the 4 turtles and rocks to go further upstream to 3 wooden bridges. Run/jump quickly across each to the next checkpoint. Two barrels are near the bridges with food and speed boost.

Area 3[edit]

Jump across the stream then proceed across the six alligators and 2 turtles. There are rocks periodically to take breaks on. At the turtle on the beach, hop up and cross to the rocks above. Then backtrack to climb up a pillar and cross back over the stream towards a wooden bridge. Climb the bridge for the next checkpoint.

Area 4[edit]

Just before the long bridge leading to the raft, if you head to the right and under the cliff, you can dig at the end to reveal a purple bauble. You will be ambushed by Assassins as you cross the bridge. There isn't a lot of room to maneuver and the Assassins are faster than you -- dodge roll into and/or jumping works. There are four spawns 1) a single assassin with blade (red kind). 2) A pair of throwing-star assassins (white kind). 3) and 4) are pairs of blade assassins. Both the blade and throwing-stars travel faster than you in a straight line. Dodging or strafing is recommended, but on the bridge there is no room so it is best to just cross as quickly as possible to avoid being knocked off. Continue straight across the bridge and jump straight off the cliff being careful to guide yourself onto the raft, as falling in the water will cost a life.

Area 5[edit]

When the raft's checkpoint is activated, it will begin flowing down the river as various red and white Assassins jump on board. They are easily vanquished by simply side-stepping their first attack and hitting them three times with the stick. The timing is 1.) step 2.) hit twice 3.) side-step 4.) hit again. The white Assassins only require 2 hits. Don't dodge-roll off the raft--it's a quick way to lose a life. The raft crashes into the next checkpoint.

Area 6[edit]

Hop on a rock to the area on the right then take a flower-jump
to the left side of the stream. The flowers always give the same programmed jump--it doesn't matter which way you are facing when you step on it. Turn back towards the checkpoint and visit the shop:
Item Cost Description
Key 25 Baubles Used for opening chests.

Hop on the log, then the rock, whip the alligator, then take the flower to the pillar in the middle. Jump towards the dry pine trees and set them ablaze with the candle or torch. Fight the Bear and then begin to hop up the stream beyond. There are Alligators and Turtles to help/hinder navigating the stream. A checkpoint is just around the bend to the left.

You can also take an alternative route: jump down from the pillar, where you land after the first flower, and use the second flower to go through the waterfall. Kill a bear and grab yellow bauble, then go forward and climb up the rocks. Burn the trees obstructing the path, and kill another bear, - he will drop a key to a chest. Turn backwards, jump off the small cliff and pick blue bauble. There will be yet another bear, but you can easily avoid him. Turn left and climb up the hill, if you jump left from there, in the direction of the previous checkpoint - you'll find green bauble, a chest and a bear. If you turn right - you can jump on the ledge with orange toad on it. Go forward, then burn the tree across the gap to open the jumping flower. You can use it to reach the next checkpoint or go left, hugging the wall, to pick up one more blue bauble (there will be also 2 toads on the ledge). After killing the last one, dig up to find a treasure (50 bubbles). Instead of immediately going down, go back and use the two flowers to go towards the checkpoint. On the alcove on the platform immediately above the checkpoint, dig up to find another treasure (20 bubbles).

Area 7[edit]

Hop on the rocks and logs up the stream avoiding the jumping fish and rapids. Hop into the waterfall using the rock and geyser. A new checkpoint is just beyond it.

Area 8[edit]

Walk forward a short distance and climb the slope on the left. Turn back toward the checkpoint, and jump to and climb the cliff face. Head to the checkpoint waterfall and jump to the ledge on the right. This ledge passes through the waterfall and a distance out the other side, so do not be afraid of overshooting the jump. Jump along the cliff outcroppings to the grassy ledge ahead on the right, and blow up the cliff wall on the right at the end of this ledge to reveal a green bauble (5) on the other side. Return to the Area 8 checkpoint.

Walk forward and watch four raccoons jump from the tree and steal baubles from the Hillbilly distillery. You can follow them through the trees to a Raccoon Kingpin.
Raccoon Kingpin
He has a ranged attack and a stomp attack with a ton of HP. Throwing bombs may be the best way to kill him. The Kingpin will drop a red bauble (20).

Dig inside the area to find a chest containing 20 bubbles.

After killing him, go to the right edge of the lair as viewed from the entrance. Hop over low lying pine tree branches, and then look for a dry pine tree.
Dry pine
Light that Christmas tree up and discover a Secret Room.
Plant bomb
Plant a bomb and then drop down. There are four bears down here. Collect the four baubles carefully and then return to the surface.

Return back up the hill to the distillery. The hillbillies go crazy with gunfire once disturbed, so stay back then move in for a kill. There is a cave entrance on the cliff face above this distillery, but the way to reach it is currently unknown. Underneath this distillery, a waterfall can be seen pouring out of the cliff face. It is possible to drop down to that waterfall where the cliff edge juts inward. Use the rock outcroppings to ascend these rapids to reach a jump mushroom and a bauble behind the waterfall. Throwing a bomb behind the waterfall opens a hillbilly cave maze (Secret Room) that lets you skip to the far shore of the upcoming river crossing section. Be careful, as it contains many hillbillies. It also has some torches on the walls that can be lit to mark visited areas. Follow the left wall for a direct route through the maze, but don't exit yet. There is a red bauble (20) at the end of this cave near the exit. You can't get back into the cave through the exit (if you do go out the exit you will find a bear and some burnable trees at the far shore of the river crossing section), so instead head back out through the entrance. Use the bounce mushrooms to climb up and out of that area. Hop down from the cliff and reach the river crossing section with the logs, rocks and alligators.

From the start of the river crossing section, throw a bomb at the first waterfall on the right to open up a Secret Room in behind the waterfall. Ride the first logs downstream to near the edge of the level where there are a couple rocks and a geyser. Use these to reach the cliff side, then work your way to the right along the cliff side to collect a bauble. Climb back up the cliff face to the right of the waterfalls. At the top there are jump flowers and a bounce mushroom that will propel you to a blue bauble and a shop (Secret Room). This shop sells the Wooden Whistle. Interact with the log next to the fireplace to learn the Log's Secret Song (1, 2, 3). Playing this song reveals any nearby bombing surfaces (provided they aren't hidden by a rug or waterfall), such as the one on the floor in front of the fireplace. Bomb and drop down this hole to a dark room filled with stuffed owls which can be destroyed for baubles. The cliff face to the right of the shop door can be bombed to reveal a Toad filled cave with two blue baubles. Playing the flute in the water on the left of the entrance reveals another bombing location. In this room there are more Toads, a green bauble (5), and an NPC (who is named "Shopkeeper" but is labeled "Helpful Friend" in chat) who warns that "The owls are not what they seem."

Once across the stream, either by crossing the logs, taking the hillbilly cave, or hopping across the waterfall outcroppings and ledges, there is another distillery blocking the path ahead and a shop (Secret Room) off to the left.

Item Cost Description
1-Up 20 Baubles Grants one extra life.
Small Health Refill 5 Baubles Restores one heart.
Nice Scoop 325 Baubles Dig anywhere for a 15% chance.
Key 25 Baubles Used for opening chests.

Be cautious near the distillery: there are exploding red barrels that will take heart if contacted. Use the whip to stay far enough back. Detonating the near one will also destroy the distillery. Finish the hillbillys and move on to the checkpoint.

Area 9[edit]

Light the dry pine on fire and dispatch the Bear (Super Adventure Box). Beware of the Owls that hide in the trees and steals one bauble from anybody it hits. Proceed to the waterfall and drop the mushroom. Go to the far right of the waterfall and take the portal to the top. Alternately, for hard-core climbers, you can make your way up the cliff face manually. There is a single bauble on the way up and the top cliff has a flag and a portal looking thing.
Top of the falls
The goal from here is to time the log jumps to make it across the falls without falling or getting too low to make the checkpoint at the far side. Near fog level around the final outcropping there is a dark cave behind the falls. It contains bears and has a locked chest at the top. The top comes out near the checkpoint, so you can use this cave to climb up instead of crossing the logs.

Area 10[edit]

Climb the ramp on the right and immediately turn back toward the checkpoint. Use the rock near the top of the ramp to jump to the flower. Launch to the butte and then launch again to go back across the cliff for another bauble. Continue to jump down to 2 dry pines and a Bear (Super Adventure Box). There is a hidden space behind the small falls, but there is no known reward for it. Return back to the previous checkpoint by riding a log and repeating the waterfall jumps.

Use the 2 flower jumps to get to the boss area and trigger the next checkpoint.


This is another cage match style boss fight. He shoots lasers in several patterns: 1.) directed at you 2.) in a four-point pattern around the plateau 3.) is a 360-degree arc and then a detonation effect. Stay near the fat edge of the plateau and only dodge roll if you think he's going to shoot. Don't get knocked off, or it will cost a life.


Infantile Mode[edit]

Normal Mode[edit]

Tribulation Mode[edit]

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  • The area where you must cross a river hopping on various logs is a tribute to Frogger.
  • The "The owls are not what they seem" is reference to the television show Twin Peaks [1]).