Adept's Training Manual

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Historical This page contains information about a Guild Wars 2 element, mechanic, or feature that has been removed or replaced. (February 17, 2015)
The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is no longer available.
Adept's Training Manual.png

Adept's Training Manual

Item type
Req. level
10 Silver coin
Silver coin 25 Copper coin
Game link

Double-click to use. This item will unlock the ability to spend up to 10 points in all trait lines, and will refund your currently spent trait points. This item can only be used once.

— In-game description

Adept's Training Manual was a trait manual that gave access to adept-tier traits, allowing up to 10 trait points in any single trait line. These were available for purchase at each profession's respective trainer, usually located in or near each race's home city.

  • Existing trait manuals can still be obtained via the Trading Post. They are one time use and are not bound.