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Notes section

 The list of POI links is worthless alone. When the WPs are copied into the chat line together (as many do), the list gets truncated.
 My proposal was that this list 
  "gf[&BOIAAAA=]1 hh[&BKYAAAA=]2 bc[&BKcBAAA=]3 kh[&BBMAAAA=]4 im[&BOkBAAA=]5 sd[&BMADAAA=]6 fs[&BHwCAAA=]7 lp[&BJYBAAA=]8 tf[&BE0CAAA=]9 mm[&BNQCAAA=]10"
 combines the 2 into a very useful cut-n-paste string.  Two letter for POI hint, followed by WP link, and position of the line in the chest list.
 Keenedge (talk) 15:37, 22 December 2018 (UTC)