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Make it so.

Captain's Log


Going semi-active[edit]

As per [1], I'm changing my sysop status to semi-active for the time being. This wasn't really planned, and in fact I had the opposite intention until quite recently (see my comments on Tanetris' RFA), but I think it's the right call for me right now. The pandemic, the protests, and the events of the last couple of months here on the wiki have really taken a personal toll on me. I'm not playing much of GW2 right now because the living story sucks without voice acting, so my ability and enthusiasm to contribute are down as well. I do expect this stepping back to be only temporary, and I'll still be available on the Discord or via email pretty much 24/7 for any adminly needs. You all take care of yourselves. - Felix Omni 01:02, 3 August 2020 (UTC)