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My thoughts on the first BWE[edit]

1) Gold was very hard to make for me. I got to level 11 and had my first trait point, but was so disappointed to see the Mesmer trainer telling me I needed 10 silver to get started. The most I had at any point was three silver. Not a real big fan of the need to spend gold to get to a waypoint.

2) Because I didn't want to spend my gold just to do a little speedy navigating, I did a lot of running. Invariably something killed me, so I had to spend the gold anyway. It felt like I was being penalized just for playing the game. The need to fix my armor all the time also drained my gold pretty quick. The balance between what you will earn by playing, and the amount you need to keep playing seemed out of balance.

3) I found the targeting to be horrible. I get where Anet is going with the auto-targeting, but I really miss the red dots on my compass. I also found the Tab key just didn't select foes in certain cases, even when I could see them. I hope this end of the game is improved.

4) I see that the skills have a range listed for them. So there isn't any way to measure that, as the compass does not have the familiar aggro bubble on it.

5) I wish I could zoom out a little more. I felt like I couldn't get a good view of what was going on at times, especially when dealing with bigger changes in elevation.

6) The game was lagging quite a bit. I had to reduce my graphics settings all the way down just to play it. Even so, there was a need to do some tight navigation at times, like stairs, doorways, etc. It felt like one of those 'DUI' simulators at times. I did a lot of slamming into things, and also fell off a lot of things.

7) The Banker is a pain in the ass. I guess some mega-bank bought out the Xunlai people, and removed their easy-to-find service. Where is the drive through window?

8) Don't let the previous seven points tell you that I didn't have a fun time. I found myself attempting to log in this past Monday and Tuesday. I really missed the game. It's not a good thing for my social life.