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The challenge of informing you of me, choosing words to battle for description info.

Stay tuned as i slowly will try to conquer the hordes of learning this...

Feel free to aid ..

© Master Xru 07:58, 13 September 2011 (UTC) mm a signature.. .. lets see if i can win this first battle and make a nice one
Master Xru 05:40, 10 April 2012 (UTC) Still not very good , is it?

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The 5 slot shortlist (as for now planned)

Preorder date is arriving soon. Beta weekends to participate will follow end of april. The countdown till launch this year has begun and will be filled with preperation taughts and dreams. Here is my (roleplay) dream on a shortlist of five, for now …....

Human Warrior – Female

Bio Story
→ Spangenhelm; As human looks fragile I need this on the battlefield to get some fear spread. As Norn I probably woul dchoose the open helmet and as Charr no helmet.
→ Ferocity; Hard choice to make form charm or dignity, but everyone will think twice to mess with a Fury type.
→ Nobility; Just to not walk the obvious path of Ferocity = raised In The Streets option.
→ Dead Sister; All choices are just great. Circus appealed also as I suspect you get a Fair in your Home instance one day. The sister choice fits a bit more for roleplay dreams.
→ Balthazaar; Love to pick Kormir as reminder of teh great Nightfall adventures in GW, but as warrior I better play it safe.

Charr Elementalist – Male/female; will be chosen on customization options

Bio Story
→ Air; Still not sure as I love Earth as well. Electrifying choice
→ Ferocity; Can a Charr go without? Option Dignity is open as well
→ Ash Legion; looks like the need some AOE in their ranks or will I be bait ….
→ Dinky; Well gotte love as puppy and good to have around now....
→ Sorcerous Shaman; this fits the roleplay for this profession nicely

Norn Ranger – Female ; Still can become a Sylvari due to Fern Mastiff pet they can get

Bio Story
→ Snow Leopard; Bear and wolf are to common pet choices
→ Charm; Big lovely Norn sweetheart
→ Instinct; Fits the role of beastmaster best
→ Lost Heirloom; I just want my Horn back, period!
→ Raven spirit; have you seen it.....

Asura Engineer – Male, looks to become my Main toon

Bio Story
→ Panscopic Monocle; In real life I only see with one eye and this is an eary look a like choice
→ Dignity; Am I or is it all an act?
→ Synergetics; Yes all chaos= order and for a greater purpose = mine
→ Transatmospheric Converter; Hard choice again. Party golem or a toy ball as alternatives, hmmm. A snow maker sounds more fun.
→ Master Blipp; Obvious no one can go without.... I would have loved the choice of Denn and Krayn as my Masters.

Sylvari Necromancer – Male; Nicest race and will be my main ALT

Bio Story
→ Trickster Demon; A little rouge on teh face never hurts
→ Charm; For the contrast inner struggle of being nice tree peep and the bublling necromancer blood veins
→ The Green Huntsman; I bet he wears a Lantern
→ Where life goes. So too, should you; Should I really ….
→ Cycly of Night; I will come an go as I please, because I am and can

The Guardian, mesmer and thief professions appeal as well. So in time i will buy more character slots, lol. Would also be interesting to see how another setup off for example an asura engineer (brother roleplay) with other choices effect storyline and home instance.

Traits choices to follow