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Things I'm working on:

Huntsman naming patterns[edit]

Crafting Tier Longbow Shortbow Warhorn Torch Pistol Rifle Harpoon Gun
Green Inscription Crude No data Crude Crude Bronze Bronze Crude
Bronze Plated Crude (Master) No data Apprentice (Master) Apprentice (Master) Bronze (Master) No Data Apprentice (Master)
Soft Inscription Journeymen Simple Simple No Data No Data No Data No Data
Iron Plated No Data No Data No Data No Data No Data No Data No Data


This is my sandbox. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My sandbox is my best friend. It is my life. Well, not really, but how often to I get to paraphrase Kubrick?


  • Tier 4-6 will have 7 inscriptions and insignia, they will be the same names with the same attribute bonuses.
  • Post-launch jeweler will not be the incredible cash cow it was during BWEs.
  • Bottle of Ginger Marinate will still be misspelled at launch.