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About Me[edit]

Hello All People call me Wildy and most of my Characters tend to be "Wild Will Healya/Shootya/Pvp/etc" additionally i like to have names that are inspired by the town names in GW. For instance Mels Precipice, Fiery Dragon Maude etc .... One of my friends even had Thunderhead Keith, Asca Ron and Sanctum Kate which are all awesome! I've been playing the Guild Wars Series since just after the beta of the original prophecies games. I'm a proud member of Zealots Of Shiverpeak [ZoS] which is the oldest Guild in Guild Wars. I hope to have my GWAMM title by the time that GW2 comes out and I'm always happy to help out with people who need help in game if i'm free.


TBC when GW2 is released


Feel free to drop me a message on my talk page or contact me in game on the original Guild Wars on "Mels Precipice"