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About me +

Hey everyone, I'm a male player, 29 years old now. I live in Belgium, near the seaside, but I was born in Leuven, where the best beer in the world is made (Stella Artois). My nickname is in fact Trib. But I cannot call a female ranger Trib because it's kind of a male name, so I turned it into Tribina.
I started playing guildwars in June 2005 after a friend showed me the game. I just love this game! Before I started playing Guild Wars, I was guild leader in a game called Mu-Online. When I started to play GuildWars I dragged a big part of my guild in Mu-Online along.

It's 2008 now and GW2 should be released end of 2008 or 2009, but I'm awaiting the release like a little child that was promised a lollypop.. I am confident that the A'net crew will amaze everyone with the game!